Hear Different.

Home Theatre Product Range

Our current range of home theatre speakers offers a selection for every budget and every different taste. These premium speakers are of excelent build quality and are covered by a full ten year (three on subwoofers & multimedia) transferable factory warranty.

X3 Ultimate THX Home Theatre

When Swan and THX appear in the same sentance you know something special is about to happen.

Designed as an ultimate home theater system and Certified by THX, the HiVi X3HT has the same three front channel speakers, the sound is very smooth and natural. According to the environment, you can configure the system with one, two or three independent active subwoofers. Rear surround speakers can deliver ideal surround sound. HiVi X3HT can reproduce movie sound accurately in different home listening environments.

Have a listen... Make the step up to Swan... Hear Different.

F2.2 Series High End Home Theatre

The F2.2 series of speakers has been manufactured to the most exacting standards in sound and build quality. With excelent tonal matching across the range these speakers are sure to delight listeners right up to audiophile grade listening.

The main speakers in the system are a three way design with twin 8.8" woofers, a 5" midrange and a 1.3" isodynamic ribbon tweeter. The bass units are housed in separate compartments which sit atop one another with a trebble and midrange compartment in the centre. They are rated at 600 watts RMS, come in a beautiful rosewood timber covered by a lacquer coating and weigh 65 kg each.

The centre and rear speakers turn the F2.2 range from an excelent stereo pair into a brilliant 5.1 channel surround system.

RM600 High Definition Home Theatre


Swans RM600HT has a unique driver configuration, easily dealing with the new generation of HDTV sound. The RM600HT front panel uses a very strong two layer structure. The interior cabinet design has ring shaped braces to greatly reduce low frequency resonance. This ensures the system's consistent performance with high dynamics and pure sound quality.

To fulfill the needs of HDTV soundtracks, the RM600HT adopts HiVi's newest electro-acoustic technology, including the new generation of isodynamic ribbon tweeters, HiVi's 50mm soft dome midrange driver and a 6.5” woofer with a Kevlar cone. The new generation of ribbon tweeter possesses a larger and more efficient membrane. It can process high power input, has an extremely broad frequency response band, provides extremely quick transient response which far surpasses the traditional tweeter, and can reproduce the high frequencies in great detail. Swans soft dome midrange is responsible for the midrange frequencies so the system becomes more available in the human voice reproduction assignment. The RM600HT adopts the latest developed 6.5” woofer; the cone uses black Kevlar to accurately reproduce the sound and low frequency dynamics.

Swans RM600 home theater speaker system can reproduce the soundtracks both dynamically and accurately. It's the symbol of Swans new generation home theaters. 

Diva Series Home Theatre

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How do you improve on success?
A year ago we set out to re-design the already successful Swans Diva series. The first thing we did was talk to our customers - especially women. What we found was they liked the existing speakers but wanted something that was even sleeker, more graceful, but most importantly it should blend in with their existing furniture.

Introducing the new Diva series.
The shape has changed, the dirvers have changed and the sound is better than ever. The tweeter now sits atop the speaker giving more of a sence of air to the sound. The sleeker shape gives a better and smoother response. The new paper-kevlar blend drivers offer clean, accurate and very powerful vocal sonic profiles

The finish is exquisite in its simplicity. Both the bottom and top caps are finished in piano black lacquer. The side pannels are substantially braced within and have a graceful curving front-to-back profile. Outside they're clad in rich dark burl venerr then multiple coats of clear piano lacquer are applied. Then the whole speaker is hand polished to a deep luxurious finish.

Available in 5.25" 6.5" and 8" models (floorstanding mains)

V8 Series Flat Panel Home Theatre

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The Swans V8 series are a smooth designed flat panel speaker to compliment plasma and LCD televisions. They are a gracious speaker with a piano black section housing four magnesium alloy drivers for each of the front speakers and two for each of the rears. The subwoofer is finished in a matching piano black.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about these speakers, however, is that the tweeter is mounted on a segment of glass which stands proud of the side of the speaker.

These truly are an elegant speaker to match a flat screen television and are even available with matching glass stands.

D2000 Series Entry Level Home Theatre

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The D2000 series is our entry level home theatre system however it offers a quality above most packages available on the Australian market today. The main speakers employ a 25mm tweeter with twin 5" midrange drivers in Di'Appolito configuration. To top if off there is a side mounted 10" woofer to ensure a punch sound.

The speakers have a piano black lacquer finished front panel with rose wood PVC panels elsewhere. They are still of solid build quality and weigh in at 28kg. The range offers matching centre speaker and rears to build a true home theatre system.