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The Swan Speaker range is always being refined and expanded. We hope to see the following in Australia by the end of 2011:

Swan M3

M3 Bookshelf

The new Swan M3 is a statement in design and sound. Touted as one of the best bookshelf speakers in any price category anywhere in the world, the M3 is a masterpiece in design, both acoustically and asthetically with solid hardwood enclosure and the best drivers from the HiVi range.

Swans M3 has accurate tonality, broad and flat frequency response, and excellent dynamics. Each driver in the system was engineered to work in perfect concert with each other. The M3 represents a cooperative effort between HiVi’s driver and acoustic engineers to product a speaker system from the ground up from initial driver design to final cabinet finishing. Through advanced engineering we’ve brought a robust 3 way acoustic system with superior performance to a compact bookshelf sized cabinet. The end result is a hi-end bookshelf speaker with excellent performance across all music genres.

Swan M50w

M50W Multimedia Speakers

This gorgous sounding system will be on our shores this year. With dedicated subwoofer, two way bookshelf speakers, and a convienient desk top volume control with integrated mute light, this is sure to be a hit.

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