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Bookshelf Product Range

Swan have some great products to suit your needs for bookshelf speakers.


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D2.1SE - Special Edition Reference Bookshelf Speakers

Enclosure :
Two way vented system
Woofer: 6.8"
Tweeter: 1" Soft Dome
Frequency Response: 43Hz- 20KHz
Sensitivity: 85dB
Power Handling: 120 Watts RMS
Dimensions (mm): 205 x 303 x 385

These speakers are a statement in design both due to their outstanding finish and accuracy of sound. When listening in a stereo setup these speakers always shock listeners with their detailed sound and impressive sound stage. Finished in a real timber with a clear hand polished lacquer over coat and utalising the highest quality Hi-Vi Research drivers they look stunning too.

If you are on the market for high quality bookshelves have a listen to ours, you will be impressed.


Swan RM600C

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RM600C - Reference LCR Speaker

Enclosure :
Three way vented system
Woofer: 2 x 6.5" Kevlar
Midrange: 50mm Soft Dome
Ultra Tweeter: 1.3" Isodynamic Ribbon
Frequency Response: 55Hz- 20KHz
Sensitivity: 88dB
Power Handling: 120 Watts RMS
Dimensions (mm): 560 x 330 x 220

From the stunning RM600 range this speaker can be used as a centre speaker or LCR. With matched driver compliment to the RM600 main speakers, you will be amazed with the sound stage and clarity from these reference monitors.


D10C - Convienient LCR Speaker

Enclosure :
Two way sealed system
Woofer: 2 x 4" Magnesium Alloy
Tweeter: 25mm Soft Dome
Frequency Response: 60Hz- 20KHz
Sensitivity: 87dB
Power Handling: 60 Watts RMS
Dimensions (mm): 440 x 212 x 150

This speaker is designed to be used as an left, center or right (LCR) speaker. It is the same width as standard audio visual equipment to allow it to be placed in cabinets including low-lying units for a modern look. Finished in black woodgrain material to keep the product affordable yet punchy.